Sunday, May 20, 2007


In the following sentences the prepositions we have learnt were wantonly left to make you remember the suitable ones. Underneath the sentences the answers were given. Offer marks for yourselves if you have filled them up correctly.

1.John is driving -------- the speed limit
2.Who would like to work ----------- their capacity?
3.A cloud was passing -------- the mountain.
4.The frame was fixed ------------ the picture
5.You can't climb -------- the roof
6.The officer's signature was found --------------the document.
7.She came ---------- me.
8.I swam---------the lake
9.They threw the ball --------- the ground.
10.She could watch the fire works -------- the road.
11.We see a hotel building --------- the road.
12.They shoot a deer found----------- the pond
13.It is a song ----------the King
14.Never leak a secret -------------the officer
15.She wrote the story --------- Alexander
16.Lena is------six feet height
17.Prem is --------to join the club until yesterday
18.A squirrel ran ---------- the road
19.She passed the salt --------- the dining table road
[Answers:1 to 6 ---above, 7-12----across, 13--17--about , 18-19--across]


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