Saturday, May 19, 2007


English language and its parts of speech
English language has eight parts of speech. Among them preposition is the most confusing one. The confusion comes in deciding which preposition should be used at one place. The same preposition may suit at other places too. Even native speakers too make mistakes in the choice of correct usage. They too need to be corrected by the parents and the teachers.

Knowing the elaborate list of prepositions found in usage might be somewhat useful and serve some purpose. But any list is dreadful. It scares of people; and they pay a yawning attention to it. Rules remind us our negligence and make us self conscious. But there is no other go except adhering to them.

A small dose of grammar would not make much harm. A spoonful? Okay. It's enough. Better if we add some exercises as adding butter to the bread.

Now follows the long train of Prepositions, but compartment after compartment. I again guarantee only a little you have to watch and practice. I arrange them alphabetically.

This preposition is used in two places
(1) On the topic of : It is a film about Alexander
(2)More or less (an approximation) Lena is about six feet height.

This preposition is used in two places
(1)higher than, over: Bird is flying above the roof
(2) To indicate a place: The title was given above the summary

This preposition is used in two places
(1) From one side to the other: They ran across the road
(2) On the opposite side: You can see a hotel building across the road.

Enough. Now let us have a little practice on the next post.

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